The adventures of an under-caffeinated Dave include:

Episode 1: Meet Dave

Episode 2: The Pen incident

Episode 3: Dave saves the baristas


The only place you will the use of Cronanberg as both noun and verb!

(noun) A twisted mockery of a human being. Distorted beyond all recognition but still retaining enough human qualities to suggest a human origin. Often a result of a horrible virus or malevolent alien entity attempting to create a human race in it’s own sick image.
“Oh man, ever since those huge worldwide explosions a couple years ago, there sure are a lot of cronenbergs lumbering around.”

(verb) To have your head explode off your shoulders.

From David Cronenberg, director of “Scanners,” “Videodrome,” and the re-make of “The Fly.” In all these movies people’s heads explode.
“Dude, when your roommate finds out you slept with his girlfriend, he’s gonna cronenberg.”